Yoga for Roleystone

Everyone can enjoy the benefits that are to be achieved from a regular yoga practice. Yoga can increase flexibility and strength in your body, and massages the internal organs. It can help with digestive function and detoxify your body as well as reduce blood pressure, respiration rates and stress. It can help improve your concentration and sense of wellbeing which results in peace, calmness and clarity for your mind. It can help you become present in everyday life to enjoy to the full living in the moment. We can live more peacefully amid others and it is a source of inner strength and kindness. Yoga is the doorway to deep inner freedom and happiness.

At Prana Yoga we practice predominantly Hatha Yoga with a little Vinyasa and 5 Elements Yoga included. We do not strive to achieve poses but we work modestly within the limitations that our bodies have today. We must be sincere in our practice and listen to our bodies so we may benefit from the asana. The benefits of yoga are endless so come and join us!